10+ years factories in Bangladesh. As of 2022, Donglian Fashion (BD) Ltd. has 2,000+ workers, 1,828 machines, and 30 production lines. Located in Dhaka, Donglian’s Bangladesh factories are capable of manufacturing all the products (t-shirts, fleece, softshells, padding, hi-vis, etc.) in our catalog.
20+ years of operational excellence. Innovation never ceases at Donglian. We have automated capabilities ahead of our peers. We combine 20+ years of operational experience around the world with the latest technology in garment production. We have 28 pattern sewing machines, 4 template machines, and 1 computerized cutting CAD system, all of which are fully integrated into our day-to-day production.
30+ years of EU & Japan business. Donglian is internationally certified. We have BSCI, Blue Sign Product, EN-20471, Reach, and Recycle Wear certificates. Our clients in the EU and Japan trust us with our quality and controlled manufacturing process.
Here at Donglian, we care deeply about our workers. Many in our workforce in Bangladesh have been with us for 7+ years. Having a highly skilled and stable workforce means we can continuously strive for high-quality and timely order delivery.

  Address:Donglian Tower, South Baipail Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka, Post Code 1349, Bangladesh.